With TAJ Systems’ years of market experience in the ATM industry, we are able to supply cost-effective systems that support integration with legacy and third-party systems in the Saudi Arabian market. Delivery of these solutions combines flexibility to easily adapt and expand with client needs.

We offer and implement industry-leading Air traffic tower automation, communication and information systems for managing air traffic. We pride ourselves on industry know-how and capability to provide solutions that matches the precise needs of every client.

Solutions we offer for Air Navigation Service providers are :
  • Voice Communication
  • Network and infrastructure
  • Recording & Playback, Logging, Investigations
  • Tower flight data processing (FDP)
  • Tower Radar data processing (RDP)
  • Electronic flight strip system
  • AFTN and AMHS handling
  • NAV aids, Airport/runway status
  • Meteorological systems
  • ATIS/Volmet
  • Tower Systems & Integrated Controller Working Positions
  • Remote Tower Solutions
  • Aeronautical Information Management Solutions
  • Collaborative Decision Management (CDM)