Partnering with the industry leading Navigation Aids manufacturers, our supplied solutions are based on innovative system.Our installation and commissioning team consist of highly trained NAVaids certified professionals.

Tactical Air
Navigation (TACAN)

Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

Direction Finding (DF)

Doppler VHF Omni-Directional Range (DVOR)

We supply market leader, broadest range of TACAN solutions.

Our comprehensive solutions offering through manufacturing partners include fixed base, shipboard, mobile and man portable.  We offer the latest technology to deliver superior performance and high reliability TACAN Solution.

  • Advance Next-Generation Fixed based TACAN.
  • Fixed base systems for shipboard applications.
  • Fully integrated solutions with beacon, antenna, shelter, trailer, power conditioner/UPS, diesel generator and transfer switching.
  • Man Portable Systems
Distance Measuring Equipment (DME)

TAJ Systems offers the next generation of highly successful Distance Measuring Equipment (DME) on digital technology to increase reliability.

We provide flexible, efficient and highly reliable navigation and guidance solutions to meet the mission requirements.

General DME description

Distance measuring equipment (DME) is a transponder-based radio navigation technology that measures slant range distance by timing the propagation delay of VHF or UHF radio signals. Aircraft use DME to determine their distance from a land-based transponder by sending and receiving pulse pairs – two pulses of fixed duration and separation. VHF omnidirectional radio range (VOR), is a type of short-range radio navigation system for aircraft, enabling aircraft to determine their position and stay on course by receiving radio signals transmitted by a network of fixed ground radio beacons, with a receiver unit.

Direction Finding (DF)

With years of experience TAJ Systems offers the high resolution Direction Finding solution to meet clients’ requirements for greater reliability, performance, flexibility, monitoring and control.

Our supplied DF systems provide accurate navigation information including positional data without the need for special airborne or ship borne equipment other than standard VHF or UHF Radio Systems.

The DF include BITE facilities, remote control and indication of fault parameters, remote fault diagnosis, remote system testing and a modular, versatile design which allows for expandability as requirements change.

Doppler VHF Omni-Directional Range (DVOR)

TAJ Systems supplies the most modern technology to create a safe, reliable and cost effective solution to meet DVOR requirements. Utilizing the latest technology, we provide a fully solid state dual system and comprehensive Remote Maintenance Monitoring System.

We provide low cost and highly reliable equipment ready for the most severe climatic conditions. We make sure that the supplied DVOR is an easy to use system requiring minimal maintenance that meets or exceeds all requirements of ICAO annex 10