Working with our global partners, we offer a wide range of surveillance radar systems that provide a view of the skies sharper and broader than ever before. We support both military and civil customers with forward-focused radar technology that combines high performance with value for money.


TAJ Systems supply hybrid optical-radar sensing technology that has excellent Foreign Object Debris (FOD) detection capabilities, Bird Collision Avoidance System, Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B), Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS), and Surface Movement Radar (SMR).

Foreign Object Debris (FOD)

Foreign Object Debris now days are the most common problems in the modern day airports. It is described as a substance, debris, or particle alien to a vehicle or system which would potentially cause damage. Any damage attributed to a foreign object that can be expressed in physical or economic terms which may or may not degrade the products safety and/or may not degrade the products safety and/or performance characteristics

The impacts can be severs like:
  • Engine Ingestion on the Aircraft
  • Heavy Aircraft damage
  • Velocity Impact of Debris Launched by Jet Blast Into Other Aircraft Personnel (Ramp/Passengers and Buildings

We supply hybrid optical-radar sensing technology that has excellent FOD detection capabilities. The system provides the constant safety over the runway and surrounding areas.

The following benefits can be achieved.

  • Runway Safety
  • Increase operational efficiency and capacity

A detection and operation process covers the following

  • Detect and Scan surface & section using radar & Image Processing
  • Alarm: On detection an alarm generated.
  • Identify, investigate and categorize/classify detected object
  • Dispatch vehicle or person to remove the object using the GPS and laser pointers.
  • Logging even and associate that prevent future occurrences.
  • Archive for future history and reporting.

Our solutions are based on Radar and optical image technologies supported by software that classify and archive an event. An alarm indication that that inform CWP and classify the danger level.

Bird Collision Avoidance Systems

Partnering with leading Bird Collision Avoidance System manufacturers; we supply the avian radars. Our proposed systems are designed to operate remote, by using any mobile computer, control room or at the air traffic control tower. The data processed real time enabling immediate action.

TAJ Systems offers the following radar based systems:

Mobile 2D Radar – a vehicle mounted mobile system to gather flight information at temporary sites. Mobile radar identifies the presence and number of birds real time information like location, direction, speed and route. The radar can detect up to 20 kilometers away, 360 degrees, day and night

Fixed 3D Radar – A combination of horizontal S-band radar with a vertical X-band radar to detect bird movements up to 10 km away in a fixed 5 km vertical area. identifies the presence and number of birds in time – including their location, height, direction, speed and route – up to 10 kilometers away, all around, day and night. The X-band radar covers a fixed vertical area of approximately 5 km

Flexible 3D Radar – With a flexible Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) radar, combines the horizontal S-band radar to provide three operation modes, including one that provides an all-round 3D view. The Radar is able to measure wingbeat patterns as one of the parameters that helps distinguish between species. This system can also be provided on a trailer for flexibility of location.

Military XL Radar – This is used en route to assess bird strike risk one hundred kilometers away, or more. Integrates with existing air force long-range surveillance radars monitor local movements around the runway.

Military aircraft fly low, fast and are extra sensitive for bird strikes. The radar systems are linked to existing air defense radars to identify bird intensities up to 150 kilometers.

Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS-B)

TAJ Systems together in partnership with world leaders in both surface and wide area application next-generation surveillance technologies known for always be selected for the vast majority of competitive multilateration and ADS-B projects around the world.

TAJ Systems has an excellent track record and reputation for system delivery, reliability and service and we invite you to contact our customers in this regard. TAJ Systems in particular is renowned for its long term commitment and partnership approach in solving particularities of individual customer’s demand in its customer projects.

Solution & Technology

The MLAT (MSS) technology by ERA is the most mature COTS system of its kind in the world today.

An overview of the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast system is depicted in the figure below to provide with the general understanding of the technology.


Advanced Surface Movement Guidance & Control System (A-SMGCS) provides routing, guidance and surveillance for the control of aircraft and vehicles to maintain the surface movement rate under all weather conditions

The ground situation assessment, display and control part is offered in a modular way, with a basic package, and two options containing the more advanced functions. ATC systems include various types of multi-radar tracking (MRT) or multi-sensor data fusion (MSDF), where plot data (measurements) are transformed and merged into system tracks (aircraft trajectories).

The RDPS/SDPS is able to process data from position sources over Ethernet adapters using TCP/IP protocol family in unicast, broadcast or multicast modes of operation, or serial synchronous data links like HDLC.

Surface Movement Radar (SMR)

TAJ Systems supplies market leading SMR systems that are used to detect aircraft and vehicles on the airport surface and allow the guidance by air traffic controllers.

Our SMR solution includes the High Gain Antennas that ensure high resolution. (SMR’s) are designed to provide airport ground surveillance Surface Movement Guidance and Control System (A-SMGCS).

We provide services ranging from site survey, procurement, design installation, commissioning and setting to work. Maintenance includes health check overhauls etc. We also facilitate easy integration with cameras and third-party surveillance systems.

Flight Check Services

TAJ systems provides cost-effective, proven and comprehensive services related to the calibration of all navigational aids, instruments , surveillance and radar systems before going live and operational mode.

We provide services for calibrating flight systems through approved via our partners worldwide. TAJ Systems provides flight check services and makes sure you have real-time and efficient inspection results plus overall performance reports. The whole solution is delivered in a highly professional manner to decrease disruptions to your routine operations. In summary, TAJ Systems experience covers contracting and commissioning, delivery and return to service, technical flight checks and flight assessment, inspection and automation.