Baggage handling system BHS

In its quest to handle all services related to Airports and Aviation, TAJ Systems provides the most cost-effective solution in regards to baggage handling. A dedicated 24/7 solution to provide smooth and efficient handling of baggage is the goal of our solution.


TAJ Systems engineers collaborate and work towards designing, building and providing services the leading baggage management systems for small, medium and large airports. The solution we provide combines operating efficiency, optimized connection times and highly available control of your baggage management and support system. TAJ Systems experience in this field is based on established knowledge of the technology, business and industrial practices. We make sure our customers are offered a cost effective, highly available, reliable solution to manage their daily baggage handling operations.

Self-check-in and baggage drop

TAJ Systems involvement with Airports and travellers extend to the most basic needs of both. We deliver one of the most simple and modern Airport Self-Service Bag Drop systems. Our solution follows the general rules of easy usage to travellers.

It enhances their experience at the Airport and provides benefits to both the Airport and travellers. The solution also enables Airports to tightly control and securely manage the baggage flow from the passenger kiosk up to the departing aircraft. Passengers are able to drop baggage at any time during the day without hassle or trouble. In addition to the hardware solution, software is provided to handle these extra procedures with ease.

Key benefits of our systems include a centralized, automated and Improve operational efficiency for easier deployment and heavy duty usage around the clock. This will surely lead to enhanced passenger satisfaction due to the better speed and ease of use. Moreover, Airport capacity and operational efficiency is increased by up to 50%. You don’t just save time and add happy passengers; it can save you expensive space areas at the areas to be leveraged by other profitable services.

Self-service kiosks

TAJ Systems understand that having self-service kiosks is a must for today’s airports and passenger’s needs. They are beneficial to both parties as they can save the passenger time and save the airport money. TAJ systems provide state-of-the-art self-service kiosks for Saudi Arabia’s airports’ needs. The self-service kiosk solution helps in the following area:

  • Better floor space management, this means you will have increased airport capacity to cater for future passenger growth
  • Increases passenger throughput
  • Decrease in transaction processing cost and time
  • Cut cost for airlines sharing the kiosk and avoid having separate kiosks for each airline

Airport Furniture

Since Airports are part of TAJ Systems focus, we bring together not just technology, but enhance our solutions with comprehensiveness and completeness. Our customers have always been keen to request for integration, not just between hardware and software but with the environment itself.

Thus in the case of airports, with our in depth architectural expertise, design and manufacturing experience, we adapt well to the challenging requirements of the Airport business. Building on the success of our involvement in all aspect of engineering industries, TAJ Systems believes in the same high level of standards and quality to bring airport furniture parts of incomparable elegance, style and durability.

Merging and perfecting the diverse ideas of design, engineering, fabrication, assembly, polishing and delicate touches, we are able to deliver all of the airport’s furniture requirements. The work is produced using latest CNC technology, seasoned craftsmen, expert technicians and fully automated manufacturing techniques.

Security and Screening systems

The current elevated security requirements around the globe require experience and well thought of security screening solutions at airports.

TAJ Systems provides screening solutions that are in par with International standards and complies with new security regulations. Other aspects of the solution are well thought of such as the overall operational efficiency and costs. Our solution also puts the passenger convenience in mind and tries to reduce inconvenience of passengers’ as much as possible, while maintaining the security levels required. TAJ Systems solutions are custom made in accordance to the requirements and specifications proposed by the client and includes the complete processes from requirements and concept analysis; solution design to after sales services & support which includes daily operation and maintenance.


TAJ Systems will take care of your Aircraft ground service needs. Our cutting-edge Ground Maintenance and Support Equipment provide the aircraft with the needed cooling, air, energy, fuel and water at airports and military installations around the globe.


We design the airport ground support system; do the system commissioning, integration, installation and provide maintenance and needs. Our service catalog consists of:

  • Rigid and Reliable Aircraft Cables
  • Complete set of aircraft connectors
  • Adaptable and high quality Aircraft Tow-Bars
  • Custom made Cable Coilers
  • Extended experience with Crocodile Systems
  • In-Ground Fuel Systems
  • In-Ground Utility Systems
  • Multipurpose and different type of Mobile Caddies
  • State of the art Cooling System
  • High grade Utility Pits
Flight Information display systems

TAJ Systems offers the best in terms of features and quality Flight Information Display System (FIDS). We provide the customer with a comprehensive turn-key, reliable, cost effective airport information display system with featuring real-time capabilities.

The system supports all usages such as at main gates, baggage handling areas, ticketing counters and flight arrival and departure timings displays along with full graphical space usable for advertising by 3rd parties. The system is designed to be scalable and focuses cost reduction of ownership, provides full automation, support and maintenance while providing the best of customer service.

TAJ Systems FIDS support other highly interesting features as well to accommodate growing demands of airports. The system is a centralized web based system with many built in features as well as Interactive Flight Information System, graphical Monitoring and Reporting, Mobile Flight Status Notification, Remote Access and Control Support, Flight Status Updates and notifications.

Passenger Display Information Systems

TAJ Systems continue to enhance the experience and values customers in the region with its innovative customer-oriented solutions. We provide Passenger Information Display Systems (PIDS) capable of displaying real-time information for passengers on the go.

Transportation and Airports operating establishments are continually striving to improve passenger satisfaction by offering more than just arrival and departure information. Advertisement, News and entertainment content are a must for any travelling passenger. Other information which can be offered is safety and emergency announcements. In fact any information of major events can be broadcasted using these systems. In the age of social media and explosion of advertisements techniques and methods, advertising is an important revenue stream for any operator with passengers’ volume in mind. This makes PIDS system become an indispensible source of revenue and guarantees a high return on investment.

Lightning Systems

TAJ Systems provides cost effective and efficient lighting solutions for your daily workplace. The benefit is financial and emotional as perfect light has a positive influence in the emotions and productivity of staff and visitors.

It’s a matter of view, literally. Therefore we always offer the equipment and tools to help you lighten up your office and workplace. Our solution is features energy cost reduction, full automation and latest lighting technology.