We live and work in a dramatically mobile and virtual world that is constantly under threat of attacks by cyber criminals that are seeking to compromise systems to steal data and financial information. With solid preventative measures, your users can safely navigate and perform business activities and operations while avoiding the disasters effects that a cyber-security breach would have on your financial stability, reputation or safety.


TAJ Systems offers the latest tools and techniques to mitigate and defend against cyber threats. Our trained and professional team can help your organization implement cost-effective reliable solutions. We specialize in integrating software, hardware, training, and policies to protect your organization valuable data and network from cyber warfare threats and attacks.

We at TAJ Systems are certified experts in Cyber Security risk management that identify threats, perform threat analysis, end to end encryption, systems hardening, intrusion detection and prevention. TAJ Systems can help you to overcome Cyber security threats.

If you have already been the victim of such an attack, we offer services to:

  • Monitor activities, Protect / Stop the attack and segregate compromised systems from your network.
  • Repair and document compromised systems
  • Analyze and perform a forensic investigation.
  • Enhance your security and Get you up and running after an attack as soon as possible with constant monitoring using the industry standards.

TAJ Systems specialist team of security professionals can assist you to create, customize, implement, manage and continually optimize your operating environment utilizing the latest state-of-art tools and appliances.

Bottom line is that
At TAJ Systems, we understand your business security needs and importance of your operations. We do exactly that by securing your networks’ critical data and ensure business continuity.

Secure Software & System Development & Analysis
We only staff experienced, certified, background cleared engineers with an eye for security and experience in every stage of the Software and System Development Lifecycle. We can help your organization to reduce IT costs and deliver real, quantifiable business results by creating a clear understanding of how your systems interact, support and enable your security process.

TAJ Systems’s expertise can help you understand and manage all levels of your systems architecture including:

  • Project Level Architecture

  • Enterprise Architecture

  • Application Architecture

Understanding the Network
TAJ Systems will conduct an initial review and dialogue to establish an understanding of your baseline objective and framework. Once these discussions have been finalized, we will work with you to understand objectives.


Build and execute Plan
This perform detailing of your organizational planning, resources, geographical factors and other various key factors to build an overview of the interdependent relationships that will influence the direction of the architecture design.Proposition
We present the proposed architecture to clarify and confirm the ultimate project scope and its processes. We present a comprehensive review of the designed architecture systems, applications systems, and proposed technology solutions.

System Engineering and Integration
Design, Deploy, Manage, and Integrate at Any Scale. TAJ Systems provide systems engineering and support solutions built for scalability and reliability. From datacenter development, securing the infrastructure, managing daily operations, network security engineering, and NOC support to industry standard automation solutions, we have the skills and expertise to engineer and support a reliable, secure and flexible IT infrastructure.