Wireless digital communications have become the norm throughout the Middle East and we all take reliable communications for granted. We want to be able to communicate everything, anytime and anywhere. But some communications are more sensitive than others. International telecommunications companies, governments or foreign entities can intercept cellular communications with ease.

There are times when it’s important for two parties to communicate and be certain that no one else is listening in or diverting the communications. That’s when it’s essential to communicate in a secure manner.


TAJ Systems has partnered with innovative specialist firms to offer secure communications under even the most challenging conditions. Our international partners have developed secure cellular infrastructure that is rapidly deployable, cost-effective and can scale to meet virtually any parameters. These solutions provide security over voice, data and video services. They encompass secure cellular connection, cell phone encryption and even secure mobile applications for team collaboration. Whether in the middle of a city, a remote desert location or on a ship at sea, using these state-of-the art solutions makes secure communications a reality – often at just the touch of a button.

We offer our solutions to law enforcement agencies, the military, government agencies, first responders, businesses and high-profile individuals who rely on secure communications. Depending on the situation, a high level of encryption for a few mobile devices may be all that’s needed. With larger teams, there may be a requirement for unified communications through a secure network. TAJ Systems has solutions for all your secure communications needs.

Tetra Radio Systems

TAJ Systems offers the high-speed data solutions that enable Government organizations, transport companies and professionals to experience all the benefits of new data services, tailored specifically to the needs of each user. We offer a complete solution, including everything from infrastructure and equipment to applications and services.

TETRA networks have been designed to optimize the total cost of the system over their lifetime and are completely secure, interoperable and flexible. The sophisticated network architecture and fault-tolerant platforms help ensure high availability without interruptions.

Secure Internet Access

TAJ Systems’ innovative international IT security partners are able to assist Saudi Arabia’s leading organizations to provide policy-based secure Internet access for any employee, on any device and anywhere. Through pioneering innovations in massively scalable cloud architecture, these services are ultra-low-latency security solutions that require neither hardware nor software.

TAJ Systems offers both web security and e-mail security solutions for businesses of all sizes from small boutique offices to national enterprises and service providers.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has taken the IT world by storm. When virtual servers are accessed over the Internet, that’s cloud computing. Some IT companies say that any IT outside the corporate firewall is “in the cloud”, including conventional outsourcing and Software as a Service.

TAJ Systems has gathered a team of international consultants whose mandate is to help organizations in the Middle East take their data, applications and services into the cloud. Cloud computing services are most often offered using hardware located in data centers. And just as applications can be based in the cloud, storage can reside there, too.


There are several advantages to using cloud IT:

Reliability of IT is improved through the use of multiple redundant sites making the cloud suitable for business continuity and disaster recovery.

Security is usually a major selling point, since cloud providers dedicate high-end resources to give state-of-the-art data protection.

Maintenance of cloud computing applications is easier since solutions and services that run in the cloud aren’t installed on individual workstations.

Support for for applications is easier since upgrades, patches and technical issues are handled virtually, and usually invisibly, by specialist teams.

Scalability is offered in real-time, whenever an organization needs to expand, it will be much easier in a cloud set up since everything is virtualized and more resources can be easily added to the existing setup with much less hassle.

Cloud computing can help organizations deliver services with agility and speed, while driving down costs. The cloud is dynamic and flexible and no one solution is right for every circumstance. So get the best advice from TAJ Systems on making the transition to smarter, cost-effective, cloud-based IT without investing in new infrastructure, training new personnel or licensing new software.