TAJ Systems offers the full range of BMS solutions, with our partners we designs and manufactures technologies to address some of the world’s toughest challenges linked to global macro trends, such as energy efficiency, clean energy generation, safety and security, globalization and customer productivity.

Building Management System (BMS) is the intelligent entity that controls and monitors the operation of the building in terms of HVAC, Plumps, Electrical equipment …etc. Although the architecture and protocols differ, the concept remains the same. BMS controls and monitors through three main operators: Controllers, Sensors & Actuators.

Controllers, often called ‘Direct Digital Controllers (DDCs)’, are the calculation power of the system. They include customizable or fully programmable software that assess the building current status and what decisions should be taken to transfer the building the client’s desired situation.

Sensors provide input data to the controllers. The sensors help identify the status of the building’s environment. Sensors can be for temperature, humidity, air quality, pressure, flow, energy …etc.

Actuators are the muscles of the system. They execute the decisions made by the controllers. Actuators can be for valves (modulating or open/close), dampers, relay outputs …etc.

Our Solutions

The full range of equipment (controllers, sensors, actuators, software) for BMS is available through TAJ Systems. Moreover, we offer you related consultancy services and knowledge transfer services to keep updated with the technological advancement are said field.

Access Control

TAJ Systems offer the full range of access control equipment through our chosen global partners. With top-notch controllers and HID readers, we offer solutions to accommodate small to large, strategic projects.

Our team of highly trained engineers is ready to present you with A to Z solutions that best fit your requirements.


By definition an access control system is a system that controls and monitors the access between a non-secure and another secure area. The system uses four main components:

Entry device: This device, noted as “reader”, reads the identity of the person requesting access to the secure area. This can be a card reader (proximity, RFID …), a biometric reader (fingerprint, eye scan, facial recognition …) or simply a keypad with an access pin.

Exit device: this is used to exit the secure area. It can be a device similar to the entry one if a two-way security is required or simply a push button to unlock the door.

Door lock: there are two types of locking mechanisms, electrical and magnetic. Electrical door locks or “strikes” are inserted in the door where the magnetic looks are attached on top of the door.

Controller: The brain that authenticates the person’s data and unlocks or secures the door.

CCTV and Surveillance

TAJ Systems offer you the best among highly reputable CCTV systems. We have the full range of CCTV cameras and recorders through our experienced partners. Our solution is most suitable for facilities requiring Standard to High Definition cameras. Moreover; we offer the entire product range of High Definition cameras.

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) system is used to secure and monitor activities in an area or facility with the use of cameras. The cameras act like the eyes of the owner or security officer, whether he is actually looking or not, as the system records video streams and events for later review and thorough investigation.
Cameras & systems can be classified into two main categories:

Analogue systems:
all cameras are directly connected via BNC cable (Coaxial Cables) to digital video recorders (DVRs) for recording and matrices for visualization of monitors.

Digital (IP) systems:
all cameras are connected to the IP backbone of the facility. The recording occurs in network video recorders (NVRs) and the visualization is through video management software (VMS) that can access the NVRs either locally or remotely.

Our team of highly skilled engineers will be glad to assist you with any needed requirements from consultancy, design, installation, commissioning and knowledge transfer.

Fire Alarm and Fire Suppression Systems

TAJ Systems offer alarm systems that are of high standard, quality and follows the UK standards of production and quality. The product offered is installed in facilities throughout the Gulf, Middle East and Europe. With a complete solution and the most precise detectors that eliminate false positives generated due to dust or steam. Our solutions can be proven to be the best fire alarm system in the Gulf region.

We will help you in designing the fire alarm system that best fit your requirements. We offer installation, commissioning and maintenance of the provided systems. With TAJ Systems and our valuable partners, you can be sure your facility is fully monitored and alarms will be immediately announced when a fire incidents occurs in an effort to help minimize the damages.

The fire alarm system is installed to alert tenants of the existence of fire; thus potentially prevent loss of lives through helping people evacuate the facility to the safe assembly points. Moreover, the system initiates the fire fighting procedures and alerts the fire department or civil defence departments.
The system uses a set of heat and smoke detectors distributed throughout the facility to detect any possibility of fire incidents. In addition, manual call points are installed to allow tenants to manually initiate a fire alarm. Sirens and strobe lights are used to alert the tenants of an existing fire incident.